Deep Sentinel Review
Proactive home security systems that combine AI and human intervention to keep watch over your home

You could say that Jeff Bezos (you know, the Amazon person) knows a thing or 2 about business. And Mr. Bezos just so occurs to be the lead investor in Deep Sentinel,1 an innovative camera-based house security system that we just recently evaluated in our house.

Naturally, we were filled with interest and concerns. Can Deep Sentinel truly safeguard our home and household? How does it measure up to other popular choices we’ve utilized, like Vivint and SimpliSafe? And is the always-on-guard nature of Deep Sentinel worth spending hundreds of dollars on (it’s not inexpensive)?

Do not worry, we’ll address all these concerns and more. To foreshadow what’s to come, we’ll state that Deep Sentinel is a breath of fresh innovation. This system actually has human guards monitoring its video cameras, at all times, day or night, rain or shine. Anytime movement is found, the guards evaluate the scenario, and if there’s a hazard, they can even pipe through the microphone to inform the perp to get lost. You just will not see this from any other house security business out there.

It’s not an ideal system – we do have some minor gripes to share. If you’re serious about securing your home versus robbers and bundle burglars, and you desire the next best thing to a private security detail around your house, then Deep Sentinel is absolutely worth a look. Without further ado, let’s dive into our findings!


  • Real-Time Security Monitoring
  • Easy Do It Yourself Installation
  • Ultra-fast Reaction (20 seconds).
  • 1080p HD Video Resolution.
  • On-site AI Analysis.
  • Hub has Integrated Battery Battery Charger.
  • Privacy Features.
  • Transparent Prices.
  • Top-Notch Customer Care.


  • Equipment Can Be Pricey.
  • Wi-Fi Connection (Not Cellular).
  • No Smart House Integrations.
  • Year-Long Contracts.
  • Reasonably Pricey Tracking.

Deep Sentinel provides security systems for home and organization. All of Deep Sentinel’s security systems utilize outside electronic cameras linked to a clever hub. When the electronic cameras spot motion, the AI in the clever hub processes the video and decides whether there’s a potential security threat. Upon determining a credible danger, the video camera’s feed is communicated to Deep Sentinel’s monitoring center, where genuine guards supervise the video feeds 24/7.


Deep Sentinel: Strategies and pricing
While Deep Sentinel splits its solutions into domestic and service categories for marketing functions, the kits equal in pricing and functions. Financing is available for certified purchasers, but you’ll require to do a consultation over the phone to see if you qualify.

The cheapest set with a single camera expenses $399 for the equipment alone. This includes a wise center, a cordless camera, and a lawn sign. A similar three-camera package expenses $699, and a six-camera set costs $1,149.

Monitoring fees start at $60/month for a single camera. Each extra camera includes $20 to the regular monthly fee, so you’ll pay $160/month for the monitoring of a six-camera setup. This makes Deep Sentinel significantly more pricey than a lot of home security systems.


Deep Sentinel: How it works

The setup of a Deep Sentinel security system is rather simple. You download the app to your phone, produce an account, and by following the on-screen directions, connect the wise hub to your cordless network. Installing the camera is simple too. Once you’ve installed it, you’re triggered to pair the camera to the hub, then you carry out a live video and audio test with a Deep Sentinel representative to make sure everything is working as expected.

The more electronic cameras you set up, the much faster your internet upload speed requires to be. Each camera needs 1.5 Mbps, so a six-camera setup needs a 9-Mbps upload speed.

As soon as whatever is established, each time there’s a potential security issue, you will get a notification on your phone and remote representatives will inspect the cam. If it’s simply a mailman, a delivery, or a false alarm, the remote agents will not intervene. If there’s unusual activity, they’ll talk to the unexpected visitor through the two-way speaker before flagging the circumstance to law enforcement if needed.

Deep Sentinel includes a 30-day full-refund policy. Once you have actually registered for Deep Sentinel, you’re locked into an annual service agreement.


Deep Sentinel: Features and services

Deep Sentinel’s electronic cameras are exceptional. They record in high-definition 1080p and include a speaker and microphone for clear two-way communication with Deep Sentinel’s live agents. Upon detecting motion, the video camera illuminate with a challenging red glow. There’s a 104-dB siren integrated in to prevent crooks. The rechargeable batteries last for as much as nine months, and you even have the option to acquire a solar charging set from Deep Sentinel.

You can go back and review all movement occasions through the Deep Sentinel app. Both daytime and nighttime video quality are excellent, and in the taped video, you can plainly hear all the discussions that visitors had with the remote agents. The AI of the wise center likewise impressed us, as it hardly ever threw up incorrect positives from roaming animals or passing cars and trucks.


Privacy Issues

Trust us, among our biggest concerns was privacy. Allowing human guards to see our live video footage at our house left us feeling a little susceptible at. Then we discovered the Privacy settings.

There’s a location in the Deep Sentinel app where you can set “Personal privacy Mode” – anywhere from 5 minutes all the way as much as 24 hours – on each of your electronic cameras. When Personal privacy Mode is allowed, it stops sending out the video feed to the guards; in other words, they can’t see your video even if they wished to.

Privacy Mode can be handy in a number of cases. For instance, perhaps you delight in sunbathing in the yard, and you do not want to broadcast your bronzed body to Deep Sentinel’s guards. Or possibly you’re hosting a party (post-Covid quarantine, obviously), and you want to prevent showing up visitors from triggering non-stop notifies and “confirmed” activity. We like the versatility Deep Sentinel uses here. We’ve seen this feature in indoor electronic cameras, like the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and residence’s iOta Hub/Camera combo, however we rarely see it in an outdoor cam. So that’s another feather in the cap for Deep Sentinel.

The Mobile App Experience
With Deep Sentinel, what you see is what you get. However honestly, in some ways we do not mind at all. As they say, sometimes less is more.

On the app home screen, you’ll see a running banner of your recent activity, with a thumbnail image of the video and the guard’s name assigned to it. Below that, you’ll discover each of your cameras with the battery status.

If you click into an electronic camera, you’ll see a walky-talky icon that states “Press and hold to talk.” That’s your two-way talk, which you can utilize to talk with visitors. If you press More Controls, you’ll have the option to engage the siren, set your movement zone activity area, and you can also pick an active deterrent pre-recorded message (for instance, “Attention: This area is under live monitoring”).

Deep Sentinel: Assistance and client care
Deep Sentinel has a neighborhood assistance forum, though it’s all but dead, with less than 10 posts in the past year. There’s a knowledge base that’s not especially user friendly, however it does consist of a bunch of beneficial setup guides and videos from Deep Sentinel personnel. For example, there’s a 15-minute DIY installation video from the CEO that takes you through all the steps to install your home system and one that information the very best locations to install your cameras.

If you have additional queries, you can get in touch with Deep Sentinel agents over the phone. In our testing, we discovered the agents to be considerate and helpful.



The competitors
Deep Sentinel is a fairly expensive DIY house security system, generally because of the high quality of the cameras and the 24/7 live tracking from genuine agents who monitor all movement on video feeds and will respond to visitors. SimpliSafe is a more affordable option (from $229 and $14.99/ month) that works by utilizing entry sensors, motion sensing units, and glass break sensing units. It uses indoor cams too, however Deep Sentinel is a much better option for outside security monitoring.

Another competitively priced Do It Yourself house security system is Frontpoint. Like SimpliSafe, it can have 24/7 remote monitoring, but the system overcomes door sensing units, windows sensors, and movement sensors. Sets begin at $99 and remote monitoring expenses $44.99/ month. Frontpoint is an excellent choice if you want your house security system to incorporate well with other clever home appliances.



Last decision
If you need live 24/7 remote monitoring of your outside security electronic cameras, Deep Sentinel is by far your best available option. In our screening, the system worked rather well. But Deep Sentinel’s high startup cost and continuous upkeep charges might offer a possible buyer reason for time out.

That said, while other outdoor house security systems can be established to signal you when motion is identified, only Deep Sentinel has trained security guards waiting to inspect every piece of video in your place.


Deep Sentinel Frequently Asked Questions

How many electronic cameras will the Center support?
Each Hub can support up to 6 Deep Sentinel cams.

Is Deep Sentinel pricey?
The monthly monitoring begins at $60 and goes up from there. It’s more costly than traditional house security tracking, but you have to bear in mind that a comparable personal system with 24/7 live monitoring will cost upwards of $1,000 or more each month. So we do not believe Deep Sentinel is expensive.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, Deep Sentinel needs an one-year contract arrangement at sign up, though you have a free-trial period.

Is the image quality any excellent?
Yes, Deep Sentinel cameras stream in 1080p HD resolution, so we enjoyed sharp image quality while trying out the devices.

How quick is the action time?
We experienced about 20-30 2nd response times typically, which is the fastest we have actually seen in the industry. Since a crime-in-progress can be verified by a human guard, the cops are more most likely to take it seriously and respond in a prompt way.